Flarf is not easy to get right. It does make me laugh, and think, and wince. 

Steven Waling reminded me of this process on his visit to Swindon in February. In the poem below I googled Syria and Rainbows, then cut and pasted the text in the search lines. I then sculpted it into something. 

You can read better Flarf here as I'm not entirely sure I have made one. Can you make a Flarf? I'm not sure Flarf cares. 


rainbow of the famous rainbow 
massacre has a double car
with the jihadist

I think they will agree to temporary f
amous Rainbows (at least 46)
via stop

to take a bite
in the Bay of Auckland

near Syria the community

early Tuesday (opening a new front) 

with the jihadist warrior
we are going to bomb rainbows, it is obvious -