Tonight ...

I've opened up my Staying Alive anthology from Bloodaxe Books. It's been a while. Tonight I have decided to commit to reading a new poem everyday by a poet I have not read before, or can't remember reading. I thought I had read all the poems in Staying Alive. I flicked the book open, page 219 and Alden Nowlan catches my attention, his poem 'Weakness' in the 'Growing up' section. It's a violent and tender poem about a mare bleeding in its mash, a mare that's weak and old and the father of the voice in the poem 'hates weakness worse than hail' . What do I hate worse than hail? Cleaning perhaps.

You can read about Alden Nowlan here

I've been up at the Richard Jefferies Museum cleaning up after yesterday's family event. I picked a bright red tomato for lunch out of the green house ... Delicious. It may well have been the best tomato in the whole wide tomato growing world. Lucky for me there was still cheese in the fridge, so I ate the juicy thing between two slices of cheese - better than crackers, worse than avocado, perhaps.